Haslemere Camera Club offers a “Tutorial Service” to all members who would like to use it. The idea is to help people to rapidly acquire the basic skills and knowledge that they will need to participate fully in club activities and club competitions.


Individual tutors will offer help in these and indeed any other topic that emerges on a one-to-one, or one-to-few basis in members’ homes. The  tutorials would run once or twice each season, according to demand.  For any topic where there is a large demand, additional evenings may be scheduled in the church hall.


The Tutorials are co-ordinated by Diana Brownlee who will be delighted to discuss your needs and make the necessary arrangements.  The programme of tutorials is as follows:


Basic camera use                  Clinton Blackman

Formatting data cards and choosing the correct image size and format

Setting the appropriate ISO and White Balance + the consequences of getting this wrong

What the PASM  and any other custom modes mean and which to use

Uploading images from card to computer

If required aperture, shutter and focusing.


Basic camera use           John Chappelow

Taking control

Primary and secondary effects of camera modes

Aperture priority; depth of field

Shutter priority; motion blur and panning

ISO priority; noise

Fully manual

White balance

Shooting options


Spot,       Centre-weighted,         Matrix, Locked to focus point,  Independent metering; zones

Focus, selection of focus point

File formats and quality




Elementary Photoshop              Clinton Blackman

Changing colour balance

Adjusting brightness and contrast

“Dodging” and “burning”


Image rotation

Cloning to remove defects



 Advanced Photoshop    Clinton Blackman

Using RAW images

Creating composite images using layers

Use of adjustment layers

Black and white conversion

Advanced conversion to black and white

Selection and colour popping


Corel PaintShop Photo Pro     John Chappelow

Basic editing




Blemish removal

Copying and pasting

Resizing and sharpening


Colour management



Lightroom            Alan Peddle

Difference between Lightroom and Photoshop

Using library to organise your photos:
Importing to folders
Selecting “picks”
Organising using “collections” and “collection sets”
Exporting to file

Using the “develop” tools

Using the print function and creating your own print templates

Downloading image in to Photoshop or other editing software for advanced image manipulation

Other tools in Lightroom – creating photobooks and slideshows, and publishing to the web


Studio lighting and portraiture            Alan Peddle/Alex Anderson

Basic studio set up and instructions on how to use our own studio lights



Photobooks     Alex Anderson


Profiling for viewing, printing and projection  Alan Peddle

Theory of colour management

How it operates in your cameras, your computer, scanner, monitor and printer and what this means in practice.