The Club holds four competitions during the season and the scores from each image entered contribute to our club “league”.  In the club programme these are simply referred to as “competition x”. Three competitions are “Open” which means your images can be of any subject.  Competition 2 has the subject of “People”. A separate trophy is awarded to the single best print entry in the people competition but otherwise it should be treated as round 2 of the club league competition.

Each competition (including the three below) allow 3 images of each type to be entered. In the club competitions that means 3 prints and 3 PDIs, and in number 1 below it’s 3 PDIs and 3 classic slides.

We encourage all members to enter and to enter every competition.  A score will be given for each entry, but if there is no entry the score is zero.

There are three other competitions that do not contribute to the club league scores.:

  1. Natural History PDIs and “Classic” slides.  here we hold two separate competitions on the same evening. There is a definition for Natural History within the rules. The classic slides competition is “Open”.
  2. Print-panel. Beginners should ask, or look up, what is meant by a panel but essentially it is a number of prints displayed together so that the panel is more than just a collection of individual images.
  3. Print and PDI of the year is where the best images entered in competitions are nominated to be entered, and the club-members judge collectively (secret ballot) on the best in each format.

Any other competitions in the programme are those where we, as a club, are competing against other clubs. These are well worth attending as you will see the best work from other clubs and you will get new ideas about some techniques, subjects and what the judges think of them.

Click to see the  HCC Competition Rules 2017.  To score well you should generally adhere to these rules.  We are now running with the handicap system where: the trophies previously awarded to “experts” are now awarded to the top scorers based on marks judges have awarded without handicaps; and the “standard” class trophies are now awarded to the top scorers after handicaps have been added.  Only Clinton and Mark understand how handicaps are awarded, but the system seems to work.

We have loaded on the website some of the the winning and highest scoring Prints and PDIs from last season.  Click here to see.

Also on the website is the Camera Club’s “Hall of Fame” – the winners of our cups and trophies over the last few years – and this can be accessed here.