Free editing software

Back in October, one of our members, Niall Sheffield, gave a useful talk about free photo editing software.  There are now all sorts of options available, not just Lightroom and Photoshop and it was good to see some free and low cost alternatives and what they can do.  After the talk, we had a practical session where Niall showed us what some of this software can do.

The slides from the presentation are attached here so that you can check them out more for yourself.

free editing software


Bordon and Whitehill Project

A little while ago, Haslemere Camera Club were asked to take some pictures around Bordon and Whitehill.  As locals will be aware, the Bordon Regeneration Project means that huge changes are being made around the area.  The aim of this photo project was to capture images which record and document some of those changes.

The following pictures were all taken by camera club member Tony Gnotiek.


Black and white plants

We have an Image Group which meets once every 6 weeks or so.  In this group, we are given a couple of topics and we are challenged to shoot something relating to the topic and bring it to the next meeting.  It’s a lovely, friendly group and a great opportunity to ask questions, chat about photography and share images.

At our last meeting, one of the topics was “black and white plants”.  Helpfully this coincided nicely with one of our camera club summer trips to Wisley too, so some of these photos were taken there!

Here are a selection of black and white plant photos taken by our members – I love the variety in them.

John Chappelow

Alan Parks


Clinton Blackman

Suzanne Driver

Alan Peddle

Helen Coleman



Outing to Terwick

On Tuesday 28th May, camera club members went on the first summer outing of the year.  We went to a hidden treasure which not many of us had known about previously – a beautiful field of lupins sloping down towards a church in Terwick near Rogate.


The summer outings give us an opportunity to enjoy taking photos together… usually followed by a trip to the pub!  We are looking forward to an outing to Petersfield in a couple of weeks.