If you live in the Haslemere and Liphook area and are interested in the photographic image, in all its forms,  you might enjoy Haslemere Camera Club.

It is a small club whose members range from experienced photographers to relative beginners; all with one overriding goal – to learn and to improve our work.  The focus is the image and not, despite our name,  the camera, although we can help you get beyond the auto setting.

We welcome new members of all levels.  For beginners, we are keen to share our knowledge, and for seasoned photographers we want to see your work and hear your stories.

The club was formed in 1910.  Some of us occasionally meddle in the darkroom (we even have a slide projector), but the focus now is nearly all digital.

The club is a member of the Southern Counties Photographic Federation  and we participate in its league competitions and exhibitions.

The Club organises various activities:

Meetings: We meet fortnightly in Liphook Millennium Hall at 8pm.  Please see here for this year’s programme and dates.  The programme is varied and includes photographic competitions,  talks and opportunities to get feedback and show your own photos.

Tutorials: an opportunity for members to acquire and share knowledge.  The tutorial programme is flexible to meet different needs as they arise. We offer advice and information on equipment and photo-editing programmes like Adobe and Lightroom.  We can also help with that new camera; exploring options beyond the auto/program setting and so giving you greater control. Tutorials are only available to members.

Image Group: a specialist group which meets periodically to set photographic projects, review each other’s work  and delve into more detailed aspects of technique and photo technology.

Postal Portfolio:  an opportunity to send a photo round to other members and get their comments and suggestions.  These meetings occur periodically and are a great opportunity to test material out prior to a competition.

Events and Outings: we have a short Summer programme of outings and social get togethers


There’s plenty happening  and we would love to see you – come and join us!  Your first visit is free.

If you like what you see and want to join, member subscriptions are as follows:

Annual £49.00

Concession £35.00

Family £69.00

New Members £20.00 for first year


Meetings start at 8.00pm with doors open from 7.45. If it’s your first meeting come to the Liphook Millennium Hall, but if you let us know in advance we will have someone in the foyer waiting to welcome you. If you arrive after 8.00 there is a pass code to enter the hall.  Contact us ahead of time and we can give you the code.

Parking is in the Sainsbury’s Car Park.  There is an assigned parking area for the Millennium Hall on the right as you enter, just before you reach the Sainsbury’s fuel station.